Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Horse Dreams
As I sleep I dream of running with arms free chasing the Blue Birds on a warm spring day. My hope is for world peace and mounds of hay for all my tamed horses. As I gallop through fields of grass vissions of Tristan arise in my head. I dream we are riding tandem on a stead of might, I dream this wonderful scene all through the night. As my dream comes to a close because wake now is at hand, I sunddenly realize for personal male reasons I can not stand! OH GEEZ!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday in da park, I know I had a real good time!

Ohh yea, so I headed out on a beautiful saturday afternoon ride after getting off of work. I took an S-Works, from the demo trailer, for a spin. It is gorgeous outside. 62F according to the Granden China Buffet, which i actually think is a living being not just a restuarant. You will never catch me eating there because of the msg, once in your lips it goes straight to the hips. Anyways I saw a beautiful patch of flowers that I stopped and took a nap in because it looked sooo tantilizing to the soul. After a 30 minute nap I picked a few of the dandelions to bring back to Tristan I know he will love them. Now to the coffee shop to chit chat with my friends, who knows maybe I will blog again while there to my Orange Mocha Frappachino on some free WIFI. Hasta!